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30th September 20
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Science Experiments

Have a look at these 15 fantastic science experiments.

Each one is easy to do and will WOW you and your family!


This experiment comes from Science Bob.

Follow the link to see the experiment in action. (You may need to dowload Quicktime to view the videos on the Science Bob website)

Resisting Balloons : Adobe Acrobat file (91.6k)

Many of you had problems with this experiment. A tip from Adrian Bowden (Science Roadshow presenter) is to use a large jar. Put vinegar in the bottom and sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on top. When the foam dies down, the carbon dioxide gas can then be poured off to extinguish the candle. (Remember to only pour the gas off and not the foam/vinegar).

The Spinning Ball : Adobe Acrobat file (110.2k)

See some Optical Illusions


Follow the link to the Science Bob website and enjoy these optical illusions.

Make Plastic Milk : Adobe Acrobat file (135.6k)
Hoop Glider : Adobe Acrobat file (163.7k)
Exploding lunch bag : Adobe Acrobat file (136.1k)
Cleaning pennies : Adobe Acrobat file (168.2k)